Father of the bride struck by lightning during wedding toast

By Ben Hooper
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July 13 (UPI) -- Guests at a Canadian wedding received a shock -- one literally -- when the father of the bride was struck by lightning during his toast.

JP Nadeau said he was giving a toast at his daughter's wedding at the family's Lower Woodstock, New Brunswick, apple orchard July 8 and was unaware of the storm clouds approaching behind his back.


"I said, 'You know Adam, you are one lucky guy.' And just with 'lucky guy,' all of a sudden there was this bam," he told CTV News. "The electricity went through the wire, because I was holding a microphone. I saw lightning in my hand. I was really freaked out."

He said the rest of the wedding guests were equally surprised by the sudden blast.

"They thought I was going to drop dead," Nadeau told CBC News.

"I had the microphone and the shock jumped into the sound system and my hand just lit up and I saw the spark," he said. "And I'm looking at my hand and it's all flared up ... It was like I was holding a lightning bolt in my hand, it was amazing."


"I felt the current go right through me, but it was my hand I was worried about, because I'm a piano man. I want to keep playing. I don't care if I die. I want to keep playing," Nadeau said.

He said the wedding continued once the couple and their guests were satisfied that he wasn't hurt.

"After that, people were coming around wondering why I was still alive," he quipped.

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