Man transports single can of beer on flight as checked luggage

By Ben Hooper
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July 12 (UPI) -- An Australian man shared the saga of a single loose can of beer that he successfully transported as checked luggage on a domestic flight.

Dean Stinson said he was flying from Melbourne to Perth and decided to have the can of Emu Export lager transported as checked luggage to see if it would survive the Qantas flight.


"One of my mates works at the airport and he and I were wondering what I could check as luggage and get away with -- a single deodorant can was another idea -- but the export can was way more iconic so I went with that," Stinson told website Unilad. "Honestly the thought of a single can of export making its way down the baggage carousel was too good to pass up so I thought I'd give it a whirl."

Chanelle Zubrinich, a friend of Stinson, posted a short Facebook video of the can wrapped in a luggage tag as it traveled down the belt to join the checked bags.

"Greatest moment of my life," Zubrinich captioned the video.


A video posted by Stinson shows the can waiting for him at the luggage carousel after he got off his plane.

"I was right up the back end of the plane, so I rocked up to the baggage carousel late," he said. "There was no luggage out yet but everyone was milling around and had their phones out so I was pretty sure I knew what was going on."

"Sure enough there she was, alone on the carousel proudly making her way around," Stinson said.

Stinson posted a photo of the can on Facebook after its successful journey.

"Not all emus are flightless," he joked.

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