Animal control officers rescue baby raccoon with head stuck in tin can

By Daniel Uria
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July 11 (UPI) -- Animal control officers in Connecticut helped rescue a raccoon that got its head stuck while searching for a snack at the bottom of a tin can.

New London Animal Control shared a photo of the distressed baby raccoon sprawled on its back with the can tightly stuck to its head.


"He was successfully un-canned and released, while momma kept a close eye on what I was doing from the bushes 10 feet away," police wrote.

The officer joked that while he or she was in need of some coffee after the rescue, the young raccoon was definitely having a worse Monday.

"This little guy thanked me for liberating him by growling at me, charging at me, and nearly causing me to fall on my butt while backing up and trying to keep an eye on momma, who was upset that I made her little angel angry," police said.

Animal control encouraged residents to properly dispose of their trash and secure cans and other loose items to prevent other wild animals from getting trapped.

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