Florida woman snaps 'world's fattest rattlesnake' slithering across road

By Ben Hooper
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July 10 (UPI) -- A Florida woman shared a photo of an unusual sight she spotted from her truck -- the "world's fattest rattlesnake" slithering across a road.

Cathy Terry said she and her companions spotted the "monster" eastern diamond rattlesnake while they were out birding last month a few miles south of Bartow.


Terry described the serpent as "the world's fattest rattlesnake."

"Yes, I used a telephoto lens but it was crossing the road right in front of us and it's length was about 3/4 of the width of a two-lane road," she wrote on Facebook.

She said she hopes her photo serves as a reminder to others that alligators aren't the only dangerous creatures in Florida.

"Good thing we remembered to look down from the windows of the truck before getting out or we would have stepped right on it," she wrote.

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