Police: Motorcyclist fled officers, posted helmet-cam video online

By Ben Hooper
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July 7 (UPI) -- Police said they arrested a motorcyclist who eluded pursuing officers after the man's helmet-camera footage of two incidents was posted to YouTube.

Investigators said they were able to identify Brian Bianco, 23, of St. Charles, from his visible arm tattoos in the helmet camera video, which is a compilation showing several incidents of traffic law violations.


The video included footage of Bianco speeding away from a traffic stop and blowing through red lights. Police said the officer pulled the motorcyclist over June 26 for violations including failure to display a registered license plate and failure to signal a turn.

"The top speed we saw on that speedometer was 143 miles per hour. And that's a well-traveled road. That's a very busy intersection," St. Charles Police Deputy Chief David Kintz told WLS-TV.

The video included a second incident where a rider, believed to be Bianco, and a group of bikers fled a Chicago police officer by riding into oncoming traffic and weaving around vehicles.

"I don't think they think about the 'what ifs.' They think about the moment. And that's extremely dangerous," Kintz said.


Kintz said a tip from a member of the public led officers to the YouTube video and Bianco's social media pages.

"In this case, it made it very easy for us to find out who the person was and arrest him for it," Kintz said.

Bianco is charged with multiple felonies including aggravated fleeing and eluding a police officer. He was released from custody after posting 10 percent of $40,000 bond.

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