Man investigating high water bill discovers cat flushing the toilet

By Ben Hooper
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June 30 (UPI) -- A pet owner who was perplexed by the size of his water bill eventually caught the cause on camera -- his cat flushing a toilet.

Curt Coleman on June 16 posted a video to YouTube showing his cat Crazy Eyes standing on the toilet's lid and using his front paws to operate the flush lever.


"This is the reason my water bill was outrageous. Finally had to start leaving the door closed when I left for work. He was doing this numerous times throughout the day," Coleman wrote in a Reddit post.

He said the feline's newfound talent can lead to some scary moments.

"Hearing the toilet flush when I am in the house alone can be startling. Especially after watching The the dark...BAD CRAZY! BAD CAT!" he joked.

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