'Flintstones'-style house in California sells for $2.8M

Daniel Uria

June 29 (UPI) -- A California house designed to resemble a home from the Flintstones cartoon sold for nearly $3 million after multiple price drops.

Judy Meuschke of Alain Pinel Realtors said the unique property sold for $2.8 million in May after arriving on the market for a price of $4.2 million in 2015.


The property features a rounded, stone-like exterior with grey and orange walls, closely resembling the cavelike homes in the Flinstones' home of Bedrock City.

The previous owner, Korie Edises, purchased the home for $800,000 in 1996, 20 years after it was constructed by architect William Nicholson.

An unofficial California landmark, the cartoonish 2,730-square-foot home is located in Hillsborough, about 17 miles south of San Francisco.

Nicholson achieved the building's unique look by placing steel rebar and wire mesh frames over inflated weather balloons covered in gunite.

The interior of the home, which includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a conversation pit and a game room, maintains the prehistoric decor with its rocklike walls.

Meuschke said residents in the area have held "mixed" feelings about the home throughout the years, adding it is believed a resident proposed an architectural review board to prevent the construction of similar homes.


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