Ontario woman rescues skunk from McFlurry cup

By Ben Hooper
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June 27 (UPI) -- A brave bystander outside an Canadian McDonald's came to the rescue of a skunk with a McFlurry cup stuck on its head.

A video filmed Thursday in Kemptville, Ontario, shows the woman cautiously approaching the skunk as it runs blindly around a parking lot with the cup on its head.


The woman is able to remove the cup from the animal's head without being sprayed.

"Oh my god! I went to go get a car wash and a skunk came out of the bush asking for my help, with a McDonald's Mcflurry plastic cup tip on its head (somebody Luvs the McFlurry)!" the filmer wrote. "It was in obvious distress. I knew I might get sprayed big time and my day would be ruined but I went for it! I'm shaking right now but I got it off and did not get sprayed, I kept calm! The remaining plastic was broken and loose, so she will use her paws to get it off. It's all Good! It's a stinky"

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