Slow Mo Guys pop massive water balloon from inside

By Doug G. Ware
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June 19 (UPI) -- YouTube channel "The Slow Mo Guys" uploaded another visually compelling clip over the weekend that shows a man popping a large water balloon from the inside.

The video begins by showing the men who run the channel, Gav and Dan, explaining the stunt and filling the massive balloon with water on a backyard trampoline. Once it's full, one of the men climb into it.


The channel has uploaded a number of random events but the main draw is the visuals they capture with their slow-motion camera.

Once the man is entirely submerged, he pops the balloon.

"I popped it with my head," the man says.

Other demonstrations The Slow Mo Guys have done include jumping on a collection of 1,000 mousetraps, shooting a bullet and firing a rocket -- all in slow motion.

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