Ape's enclosure escape caught on camera at Texas zoo

By Ben Hooper
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June 16 (UPI) -- A visitor to a Texas zoo Friday captured video of a white-cheeked gibbon escaping from its enclosure through a hole in the netting.

The video obtained by Fox San Antonio shows the lesser ape on top of the netting surrounding its enclosure Friday morning at the San Antonio Zoo and running toward some nearby trees.


Zoo officials said the area around the enclosure was temporarily closed and the gibbon was recaptured unharmed just before noon.

The zoo said the gibbon did not post any danger to guests during its time on the loose.

Officials said they are performing an inspection of the enclosure to make sure there are no other potential escape points.

Gibbons are native to subtropical rain forests in Asia. A recent post on the zoo's Facebook page describes the species as "nature's acrobats."

"Gibbons, endemic to the dense forests of southern Asia, are perfectly adapted to life in the trees and rarely descend to the ground," the post reads.

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