Firefighters rescue deer caught between fence and wall

Daniel Uria

June 15 (UPI) -- Fire crews in Colorado helped rescue a young deer that found itself trapped between a wall and chain fence on Wednesday morning.

Poudre Fire Authority shared photos and video Wednesday of the rescue as firefighters arrived at the scene to free the distressed deer from the tight spot.


"They found this little guy or gal, trapped and scared, and lifted them to freedom using one-inch webbing. The deer immediately ran off, presumably to rejoin its family," the fire department wrote on Facebook.

Firefighters celebrated the rescue and reported there was no damage done to the fence or the building during the rescue.

The department encouraged nearby residents to keep an eye out for the deer and its family and to avoid bringing up an embarrassing moment the animal experienced during the rescue.

"If you see our deer friend out and about, we ask that you be sensitive to their recent experience. Please don't mention his/her...gas release," PFA said.

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