Deer interrupts breakfast at New York state Denny's

Ben Hooper

June 14 (UPI) -- An Upstate New York Denny's manager shared security camera footage of a deer that crashed through a window as customers ate their breakfasts.

Tabitha Finster, general manager of the Denny's in Rome, posted a video to YouTube on June 12 showing the deer running around inside the restaurant after crashing in through a window around 8 a.m. Saturday.


"I thought one of my customers had gotten out of hand or a tray of food fell. Then I see fur going through my restaurant," Finster told WFRG-FM.

She said the deer had trouble walking on the smooth floors.

"It couldn't get its footing. It was struggling on the tile floor," she said.

Finster said customers remained calm during the incident.

"It was almost like they were prepared for it. One of my cooks opened the door and the deer just ran out of the restaurant," she said.

The manager said there were no injuries during the incident.

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