'Vicious' raccoon steals tourist's lunch in Costa Rica

By Ben Hooper
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June 12 (UPI) -- A seemingly friendly raccoon approaching tourists in Costa Rica betrayed one of its new friends and stole her lunch right out of her hand.

Trevor Higgins posted a video to YouTube showing the "vicious" raccoon approaching a group of tourists last week in Quepos.


The raccoon weaves through the crowd of curious onlookers before suddenly leaping into the air and grabbing onto a woman's paper bag lunch with its front paws while pushing off from her body with its back paws.

The raccoon successfully wrestles the bag from the woman and falls to the ground with its pilfered lunch. Other people jump in to chase the raccoon away, but it manages to run off with the woman's banana.

"My laughing at the end wasn't intended to be negative in any way. I felt bad for the lady who had her lunch stolen but it was a very funny situation," Higgins wrote.

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