Cleveland artist creates 10-pound lint sculpture of LeBron James

By Daniel Uria

June 8 (UPI) -- An Ohio artist has constructed a 10-pound statue made entirely out of lint in the likeness of Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James.

Sandy Buffie of Sandy Buffie Designs in Cleveland shared a photo of her newest sculpture, an updated version of a lint sculpture of James that she crafted last year.


"Just finished a new and much improved dryer lint sculpture of LeBron," she wrote. "Go Cavs!"

Buffie encouraged Cavaliers fans to rub the sculpture's head for luck on Wednesday as the team trailed the Golden State Warriors 0-2 in the NBA finals before losing a third game in Cleveland.

She constructed the sculpture suing 3 gallons of glue and 30 gallons of dryer lint she gathered by soliciting donations on social media.

"I think the new LeBron might be my favorite," Buffie, who has also created lint sculptures of Jack Sparrow and President Donald Trump, told USA Today. "But that might be all tied up here with the Finals and excitement of the games. Win or lose, he'll still have my heart."


She created a similar statue in 2016 when James and the Cavaliers were victorious in the NBA Finals, but decided to create an updated version after James changed his style and stopped wearing a headband.

Buffie said she admires James for acting as a positive member of the Cleveland community.

"He really represents hope for Cleveland," Buffie said. "He makes everybody happy, and he's such a great role model for kids and for the whole community...People love him, win or lose, and they know he puts 100 percent into each game."

Buffie plans to sell the new sculpture to the highest bidder with the proceeds benefitting the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning in Cleveland.

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