Kentucky authorities rescue dachshund stuck in tree stump

Daniel Uria

June 3 (UPI) -- Police in Kentucky helped rescue a dachshund that found itself stuck in a hole in the bottom of a tree in a local cemetery.

Off-duty Kentucky state troopers Sgt. Michael Williams and Gerick Sullivan heard the dog's distressed barks while mowing a cemetery. They discovered Rocco the dachshund stuck at the bottom of the tree trunk.


The two troopers called Salem Fire Department for assistance and after a few failed attempts, the firefighters cut a hole in another part of the tree and managed to pull Rocco to safety.

The dachshund was then reunited with her owner, who said the dog had found its way inside the tree after crawling through a nearby groundhog hole.

Firefighters made the hole in the bottom of the tree larger to prevent other dogs from getting trapped inside.

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