Friendly all-white squirrel visits British lumber yard

By Ben Hooper  |  June 1, 2017 at 2:30 PM
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June 1 (UPI) -- Workers at a lumber yard in Britain captured video of an unusually friendly squirrel that was all the more unusual due to its all-white fur.

The squirrel was recorded foraging for food at a lumber yard near Bath, England, and workers said the animal did not seem shy about them getting close and capturing video.

"It was very tame. It didn't seem at all bothered about being so close to us," worker Cliff Toghill told the BBC.

The squirrel is not believed to be albino, because it's eyes are black rather than the pink typical of animals without any pigment. The squirrel is instead believed to be leucistic, which involves only a partial loss of pigment and doesn't affect an animal's eye color.

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