California woman chases dog food eating bear out of garage

By Ben Hooper
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May 17 (UPI) -- The owner of a California bed and breakfast shared video of her encounter with a bear she caught eating dog food in her garage.

Diana Chase, who uses the handle Diana the Innkeeper on YouTube, posted a video to the site showing the bear whose dog food feast she interrupted in the garage of her bed and breakfast, The Pine Mountain Inn, located in Pine Mountain Club.


"What are you doing?" Chase asks the bear in the video. "Hey, get out of there!"

The bear appears willing to oblige Chase and begins to flee with the bag of dog food in tow.

"No, no! Hey, wait!" she calls after the bear, which drops the bag of food and continues to run toward the open garage door.

"Go, go! Bye!" Chase says as the bear stops in the open doorway. "I know you want the dog food, but you can't have it."

The bear creeps back toward the bag of food while Chase makes noises and threatens to "spray" the animal, a threat she appears to follow-through on, making the bruin back out the door.

"Oh, look at the mess you've made," she says while surveying the dog food all over the garage floor, "isn't that special?"


The bear continues to loiter outside Chase's garage door and appears as though it is considering returning for the food, but is apprehensive due to Chase's spray bottle.

Chase admits the bear is "cute," but she keeps a safe distance from the bear and finally manages to close the garage with the animal on the other side.

The video finishes with footage Chase recorded from a second-story deck. The bear appears to be searching for another way inside the garage and house, but it is ultimately unsuccessful.

"Here is a fine example of why it is a very good idea to keep your garage door closed," the Pine Mountain Inn said on its Facebook page.

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