Man shoots gum out of mom's mouth on Mother's Day with Nerf gun prank

By Ben Hooper
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May 16 (UPI) -- A North Carolina man attempting a Mother's Day prank on his mom ended up using a Nerf gun to shoot the chewing gum out of her mouth.

Brant Coltrain posted a video to YouTube showing him recording the effort to shoot his mother with a Nerf dart at the family's Greenville home.


The footage shows Coltrain shoot a dart at his mother -- and into her open mouth, where it strikes her gum.

Coltrain's shocked mother bursts into laugher as she pulls out the dart and shows him the gum stuck to the tip -- an image depicted in a Facebook post.

Coltrain summarized the incident with an imagined conversation:

"Hey Brant, what did you do for your Mom on Mother's Day?"

"Not too much, but I did shoot the gum out of her mouth with a Nerf gun...."

"Pics or it didn't happen!"


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