Boy writes apology to police for 'testing' 911

By Daniel Uria
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May 16 (UPI) -- A boy in Maine wrote an apology letter to police after "testing" the 911 emergency line after school one day.

South Portland Police Department shared a photo of the note written on a yellow piece of paper addressed to "The Cops," offering an apology for the misuse of the emergency service.


"Sorry I called you and lied to your face and I will never call you again," the boy wrote. "Really sorry."

Police said the young boy wanted to test the number after school one day and thanked him and his parents for sharing the apology.

"Our thanks to our young resident (and, perhaps, his parents) for the note (and for accepting responsibility and setting the record straight)," police said. "And no worries, we're a phone call away...when you NEED us!"

The department used the opportunity to inform citizens that they send officers to almost any 911 hang up or abandoned call and urged callers to let the officers know if they dialed the number by accident.

"Just let us know that you called in error," police said. "We still may want to come and verify that you're OK, but we're less likely to tie up the same amount of resources in doing so."


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