Florida windsurfer records tense encounter with bull shark

Ben Hooper

May 11 (UPI) -- A Florida windsurfer who had to get off his board when he hit a sandbar captured video of a visit from an unwelcome guest: a bull shark.

The video shows the windsurfer taking the East Island causeway back to Stuart, Fla., last month when he has to get off the board when its fin hit bottom at a sandbar.


"I heard an unusual noise in the water and spotted a bull shark heading in my direction," the windsurfer wrote. "I backed away as fast as I could, and captured some video with my helmet cam as he passed by."

The shark left after a few moments without incident.

"The noise I heard was water swishing off the sharks tail as he propelled himself over the sand bar. I found out that bull sharks are best known for their very aggressive behavior. They like warm shallow water, and they will eat just about anything," the filmer wrote.

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