Bear breaks into California home, chases cats, uses bathroom

By Ben Hooper
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May 3 (UPI) -- A black bear that broke into a California residence made itself at home by chasing the neighbor's cats and pooping all over the bathroom.

A Monrovia resident said the bear broke into her home Monday through the screen door, chased her cats and left its urine and feces all over her bathroom -- as well as various other rooms.


The bear spent about two hours in the home before it was chased off by California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers and Monrovia police.

A similarly sized bear, possibly the same bruin, was spotted Tuesday in a tree just a few houses down from the scene of the break-in.

Neighbors said they've had frequent encounters with bears in the past. Resident Donald Jenkins said bears have broken into his home repeatedly, including one time he caught a large male bear stealing from his refrigerator.

"They're always here," Jenkins told KABC-TV. "They always have been. We've been living here a long time. They're more of an annoyance than a threat."

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