Annoyed hippo charges tourists at South African park

By Ben Hooper
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May 3 (UPI) -- A tourist driving through a South African national park captured video of an annoyed hippopotamus charging at their car twice to scare them away.

The video, filmed April 13, shows a hippo at Kruger National Park approach a car containing two people driving through the reserve.


The hippo charges the car aggressively, causing the car's occupants to quickly roll up the window.

The hippo charged the tourists twice before they got the hint and drove away.

The uploader said the hippo may have been stressed due to wandering too far away from the water to find food. The encounter could have ended differently, they said.

"[Hippos] are remarkably fast and with powerful jaws can easily open up a car's protective metal 'like a can of beans,'" the uploader wrote.

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