Man takes orphaned bear cub to the Georgian Parliament

Ben Hooper

April 27 (UPI) -- A Georgian man who found an abandoned bear cub on a Tbilisi road took the baby animal for a visit to the country's Parliament.

Sergo Sergi Sergi, a Facebook user whose profile identifies him as an employee of the Georgian Parliament, posted pictures of the man and the bear cub visiting the building Tuesday.


The man said he found the lone cub on the Tskneti-Betania road and decided to take it to the Tbilisi Zoo, but officials at the zoo told him they could not accept the bear.

"We do not accept animals from individuals, when the animal's origin is unknown. In this case, the man should apply to the Ministry of the Environment to find out the origin of the animal, after which the zoo would be able to take the bear," a zoo spokesperson told Sputnik News.

The man then took the bear to the Parliament building, presumably to speak with Ministry of the Environment officials.

The man and bear left together after spending some time in the building, officials said.

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