'AnonyMouse' artists build tiny 'amousement' park in Sweden

By Daniel Uria   |   April 25, 2017 at 3:55 PM
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April 25 (UPI) -- An artist collective known as "AnonyMouse" has constructed a tiny, mouse-size amusement park in Sweden.

The group shared a photo of the diminutive "amousement park" named Tjoffsan's Tivoli, after a character created by famous children's author Astrid Lindgren, which they constructed in Malmo.

"Last night Tjoffsans Tivoli Amousement park set camp in Malmo, and are now welcoming visitors of all ages," Anonymouse wrote.

Tjoffsan's Tivoli park features several attractions, including a teacup ride, a scary cat-shaped ride, a fortune teller called Madame Raclette and a stall called Lucky Cheese for "guests" to try their luck.

Large crowds of humans, much too large for the mouse-size theme park, gathered for the park's grand opening and lead the group to apologize for the "lack of personnel."

"The opening of the Amousement park was met with some excitement by slightly larger visitors than expected," AnonyMouse said. "We apologize for the lack of personnel at certain hours, the management are working on a solution."

AnonyMouse previously created a 25-by-12-inch restaurant, which they called "Noix De Vie" in December 2016. It quickly gained viral attention.

The art collective told The Local they didn't expect their future projects to receive as much attention as "Noix De Vie" but were heartened by the early reception of the miniature theme park.

"We don't think anything we'll do will ever get the same level of attention as the installation on Bergsgatan. It literally was featured around the world. However, so far the reception has been great, so we're not worried," AnonyMouse said. "We haven't actually started with the next one yet, give us a couple of days! But we have quite a few ideas."

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