Massive 'Taco Pizza' draws huge crowd to New Jersey eatery

By Daniel Uria

April 21 (UPI) -- A restaurant in New Jersey has developed a cult following due to its massive taco-covered pizza.

Toney Boloney's in Hoboken and Atlantic City offers the massive $75 Taco Pizza every Tuesday and Thursday, which began as a specialty on the restaurant's "secret menu" but quickly became a fan favorite.


"Yeah, that's the one you've been talkin' about!" The website states. "Shhhh it's still on the secret menu!"

Owner Michael Hauke told PIX11 he came up with the strange delicacy on a whim after receiving a request from a group of young customers.

"A bunch of kids came in and they were stoned as hell and were like 'Yo dude, make us some tacos,'" Hauke said.

The legendary pie features housemade queso Oaxaca, carne asada, chipotle asada tacos placed in a ring around the surface of a cheese pizza with guacamole and sour cream placed in the middle.

Since its humble beginnings, the Taco Pizza has become so popular that the restaurant urges customers to pre-order their pie to ensure their order is fulfilled.

"We have 286 on preorder. Last I checked, we had about 40ish people waiting for a whole taco pizza and another 30 or 40 waiting for slices. So maybe 350 pies we'll do by the end of the day," Hauke said.


He added that the pizza has become so renowned that customers from across the world stop by to have a taste, to varying degrees of success.

"We had a guy from Sweden who was here at the shop at 6 in the morning, waiting until we opened so he could get [the Taco Pizza]," Hauke said. "I had to break the news to him that it wasn't Tuesday."

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