Snake falls through gym ceiling after possum dinner

By Ben Hooper
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April 20 (UPI) -- An Australian business owner who arrived to find a hole in her ceiling said a cleaner discovered the culprit: a snake that had swallowed a possum.

Chantal Vaughan, owner of the Bokwa CQ gym in Rockhampton, Queensland, said she arrived at the business Tuesday morning after a three-day weekend to discover a large hole in the ceiling.


"I know we have possums up here so I thought, yes definitely possums have had a fight up on the rafters and one has fallen down and come through," Vaughan told The Morning Bulletin.

She said she put the hole out of her mind and set about her work week, but a cleaner sent her a text early Thursday to let her know the culprit -- a snake -- had been found curled up in the corner of another room.

"I don't know where he [the snake] was between Tuesday and Thursday but I was teaching classes here and I don't know where he was hiding," she said.

Vaughan posted to a local snake identification and removal group on Facebook with pictures of the snake and the hole it left in her ceiling.


"I need a qualified handler to remove this big fella from my work..hes having a little snooze [at the moment] after his possum dinner!" she wrote.

Vaughan said the snake did not put up much of a fight when trappers arrived.

"[The snake] was really well behaved actually because he was so full, you can clearly see that he had a possum in his belly," Vaughan said. "The hook they had for him was not big enough, so all they did was touch him, he let out a little hiss and then he slithered into the bag. They tied it up and they thought the bag handle was going to snap because he was so heavy."

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