April the giraffe's calf meets his father for the first time

Daniel Uria

April 18 (UPI) -- April the Giraffe's newborn calf met his father for the first time Tuesday, days after his long-awaited birth.

Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y., provided an update about April and her calf along with a photo of the newborn sharing a loving moment with his father in their first meeting.


The young giraffe got the opportunity to nuzzle noses with his father, as zoo staff prepared to weigh the famous baby.

The unnamed calf weighed in at 133 pounds, posting an increase of 2 pounds during a period of 24 hours.

"Little bugger is getting stronger and heavier!" Animal Adventure Park said. "Much harder each day to get hands on - and that's a good thing!"

April the giraffe gave birth to the calf at about 10 a.m. on Saturday, after the zoo monitored her pregnancy via an online stream beginning in February.

"April and calf look great from early morning observations!" the zoo said.

The zoo also said April was recovering well after suffering a leg injury that prompted caretakers to stop her livestream.

"April's walk and stance are almost perfect again," the zoo said. "Her leg twist was the equivalent or rolling your ankle slightly -- 'walk it off.'"


Animal Adventure Park is also holding an online contest, allowing fans to suggest names for the newborn calf.

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