Dog, cat and rat with special bond adopted from Wisconsin Humane Society

By Daniel Uria
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April 11 (UPI) -- A strange trio of animals with an inseparable bond of friendship were adopted together after being sent to a Wisconsin animal shelter.

Oshkosh Area Humane Society shared photos of Sasha the dog, Jack the cat and Tweaks the rat after the trio, known as the "Rat Pack," were adopted together.


"We're very grateful to their new family for adopting them so they can start a new chapter in their lives - together!" Oshkosh Humane Society said. "Congratulations to this special trio and their family!"

The Rat Pack were sent to the Humane Society after their owners were no longer able to care for the trio of pets.

"The owner had mentioned that the animals were bonded together," admissions manager, Cari Tetzlaff, told ABC News.

She added that the bond was apparent when the pets were separated while being evaluated on their first night at the shelter.

"It was immediately obvious to us that Jack was extremely unhappy. A staff member had the idea of putting the dog back with Jack to see if it'd have a positive impact," Tetzlaff said. "As soon as Sasha was in the room, Jack perked up. We were able to touch him for the first time. He instantly felt more comfortable."


Jack became even more comfortable when Tweaks was placed in the room and from then on the group was allowed to stay together up to and including their adoption.

The pets' new owner was initially hesitant to adopt the rat, but quickly changed her mind when she recognized the friendship the animals shared.

"She immediately softened to the idea after seeing how friendly he was," Tetzlaff said.

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