Trappers catch 7-foot gator outside Texas woman's home

By Ben Hooper
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April 5 (UPI) -- A Texas alligator trapper made her first catch of the season when she was called to remove a 7-foot, 7-inch gator from under a resident's bushes.

Jackir Turman of Needville said she called the sheriff's department Tuesday morning after spotting the big gator hiding under the bushes on her property, located near Brazos Bend State Park.


The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office summoned Christy Kroboth of the Houston-based Gator Squad to capture and relocate the reptile. The sheriff's office posted photos of the capture on Facebook.

"Opened up her hatch. Got her little rope with a stick, and started talking to the gator. Like a dog," Turman told KPRC-TV of Kroboth's catching technique.

"She put the noose on it. It did some of the death spins this way and that way. She pulled on it a little bit and tired it out and got on top, put the tape around the mouth, put the towel, strapped and they lifted it and put it in her car. In her car!" Turman said.

Gator Squad founder Chris Stephens soon joined Kroboth on the scene and they transferred the alligator to the back of his pickup truck, where a second gator was waiting.


Stephens said the other alligator had also been picked up outside of a home.

"That little guy had made his home in there. Two toddlers [were in the home]. One 18 months and one of them 5 years old. Two small dogs," he said.

Kroboth said the alligator she captured had a gunshot wound to the head, but the injury was not fatal. She said the alligator, nicknamed Jackie, would join with other rescued gators at the Janik Alligator Farm in El Campo.

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