Pizza topped with marshmallow Peeps sparks Twitter firestorm

By Ben Hooper
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April 5 (UPI) -- A Twitter user sparked an intense online debate by making a bold declaration: Marshmallow Peeps are a better pizza topping than pineapple.

The already controversial subject of pineapple as a pizza topping -- a debate even world leaders have waded into -- was further complicated by Twitter user Austin Braun, who posted a photo of a Peeps-covered pizza with the gauntlet-throwing claim: "This > pineapple pizza."


The "Peepza" elicited a variety of responses ranging from disgusted to appetized, but Braun tweeted a request for one kind of response to stop: "Please stop sending me death threats thank you."

Braun's tweet, and its passionate replies, have yet to earn an official response from Peeps or manufacturer Rodda Candy Company, but another marshmallow-based snack food, Moon Pie, gave a somewhat reluctant endorsement to the Peepza.

"Since we're technically a 'pie' made with marshmallow, too, we're technically cool with this," the official account for Moon Pie tweeted.


Braun suggested the next logical step would be a pizza topped with Moon Pies, to which the brand replied: "Agreed. #MoonPiePizza."

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