England villagers hold birthday 'celebration' for pesky pothole

By Daniel Uria
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April 5 (UPI) -- A village in England held a birthday party for a 2-year-old pothole in hopes of getting the attention of its local government.

The Twitter profile Plumtree People shared a photo of a birthday cake placed next to the pothole on Main Road in the Nottinghamshire village.


"The Plumtree potholes mark yet another birthday..." the page wrote.

Resident Vonnie Daykin, 56, told the Nottingham Post the pothole has been around since at least March 2015 and has grown deeper over time.

"I nearly put three candles on but I thought that might be pushing it," she said. "It's dangerous for people who drive, and who cycle, because if you come to a pothole you have to swerve out in to the road which makes it unsafe for everyone."

Daykin said she last complained about the pothole in September or October of last year and the county council had since promised 1.2 million pounds ($1.4 million) to repair tens of thousands of potholes.

"The main village road really wants re-doing from one end to the other. A good mend would help but it really wants replacing," she said. "I've lived around Plumtree all my life and the roads are definitely the worst they have been at the moment."


The Twitter image garnered a response from the Nottinghamshire City Council encouraging residents to report the pothole with location details.

"Not exactly a happy event, no, but thanks for your response. This was one of the several potholes all along Main Road from farm to school," Plumtree People said.

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