Man catches massive 50-pound carp in Los Angeles park

By Ben Hooper

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March 31 (UPI) -- A Los Angeles man set a new personal record by landing a massive 50-pound carp in a city lake.

Enrique Salmeron said he was fishing Monday morning at MacArthur Park Lake when he reeled in the massive 50-pound fish.


"I'm still shaking. I'm still shaking to this day. It happened on Monday morning," Salmeron told KABC-TV.

He said reeling in the giant carp was a lot of excitement.

"Just take it easy, relax, breathe because it's a lot of excitement. Your forearm starts feeling it, your bicep, your triceps, your back starts giving out. At the end, you're just going like this trying to hoping and praying it doesn't snap off," Salmeron said.

A photo of Salmeron with the large carp was posted to Instagram by fellow urban fisherman Sergio Talavera.

Talavera and Salmeron said their type of urban fishing is known as "ghetto carping," fishing for carp in neighborhoods others might avoid.

"We go to parks in urban areas where a lot of people are too scared to go to. They don't feel comfortable. It's just a place where it takes a certain type of gut to tolerate," Salmeron said.


The men said "ghetto carping" shows there's still a great value to the city parks.

"I just like to show it to the public. 'See look, this is what you have here,'" Salmeron said. "Take care of the environment so that it can keep thriving and, you know, to let other generation of kids be able to catch that."

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