Robot prints and burns Trump's tweets, sends him video

President Donald Trump is getting roasted on Twitter -- literally.

By Ben Hooper
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March 29 (UPI) -- A robot quickly growing a viral following on Twitter is dedicated to one job: Printing President Donald Trump's tweets, burning them, and tweeting video of the process back to the president.

The Twitter account, @burnedyourtweet, stars a robot programmed to print out tweets from the president's @realdonaldtrump account, burn them in an ashtray, film the process, and then tweets the videos to Trump with the message: "I burned your tweet."


The robot has burned only one other person's tweet -- a tweet in German linking to a news article about itself.

Several people have tried questioning the account since it started tweeting the videos Tuesday, but the reply is always the same: "I am a robot that automatically prints and burns trumps tweets."

The mystery engineer behind the project has yet to identify themselves, but they have been answering some questions about the machine on Reddit.

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