Drone records shark 'close to tasting' swimmer wearing flippers

By Ben Hooper

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March 26 (UPI) -- A Florida man taking drone video of his girlfriend swimming recorded the moment an apparently confused shark "came close to tasting" the woman.

David Diez posted a video to Instagram showing his girlfriend wearing snorkeling equipment, including fins, while swimming Wednesday just off the coast of West Palm Beach.


A shark appears suddenly and seems to be about to attack the woman when it quickly turns and swims away.

While filming my girlfriend [Helen Palacios] with my drone a shark came close to tasting her," Diez wrote.

"What I think happened was that the shark confused her fins for a fish, but then as soon as it realized it was a human it quickly backed off. The poor water visibility confused the shark. This is how most shark attacks happen in Florida specially this time of year when sharks like the blacktip are migrating through the Florida coast following schools of fish. Sharks aren't man eaters they're just carnivores who make mistakes like we do. Helen and I will continue to explore our beautiful ocean."

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