Turkey flew through New Hampshire truck driver's windshield

Daniel Uria

March 23 (UPI) -- A truck driver in southern New Hampshire got an unexpected passenger when a turkey came crashing through his windshield.

Manchester Information shared photos of the wounded turkey and the bird-shaped hole it left in the unsuspecting driver's windshield.


"The turkey ended up inside the cab of the truck still very much alive," Manchester Information said. "The tractor trailer driver was injured from the flying glass but was able to safely pull over to the breakdown lane."

According to the driver, the truck was traveling at about 50 to 60 miles per hour when he struck the turkey.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department arrived at the scene to rescue the 19-pound turkey, but it died in transport.

The truck driver was treated for his injuries at the scene and said he had never experienced an animal collision quite like this one before.

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