Trio of NFL players reel in 300-pound mako shark in Florida

By Daniel Uria

Today was a great day on the water #MakoShark #WallArt #mancavedecor #mancave

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March 21 (UPI) -- A group of three NFL players managed to reel in a massive 300-pound mako shark while fishing in Florida.

Trent Brown of the San Francisco 49ers shared a photo of himself next to the massive catch which he said would make good wall art for his "man cave."


"Good day on the water," he said.

Brown was fishing off the coast of South Florida with Antonio Morrison of the Indianapolis Colts and Neiron Ball of the Oakland Raiders when he hooked the 7-foot-long shark.

"They said it was like the Super Bowl of fishing, 'cause it's like a once-in-a-lifetime type of deal," Brown told WSVN.

The ship's captain David Ide said he's seen less than a handful of fisherman reel in sharks in more than a decade of fishing.

"We very rarely catch them. I've been charter fishing for the last 15 years and only caught a handful of them," he said. "I've caught like, I think, four in 15 years of charter fishing, and we go every single day of the week."


Morrison said he and the other two athletes set their minds on reeling in a big catch before they went out on the water for the day.

"We said it. We said we would. We said we were gonna catch a shark," he said. "We said it in the car, so we did it."

Ide said the strength of all three professional football players was required to pull the huge shark on board when it began to demonstrate its own power.

"It took all three of them to reel it in, believe it or not," he said. "They're all big guys. They said they could do it by themselves, but it didn't happen that way."

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