Officer frees curious cat's head from peanut butter jar

By Daniel Uria
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March 21 (UPI) -- An animal services officer in California helped rescue a cat that got its head stuck in a jar of peanut butter.

San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus shared photos of the curious feline that was caught in a sticky situation in Riverside before Officer Carra Mathewson and two area residents arrived to provide assistance.


"The officer came in and saved the day," resident Alyssa Cline, 23, told Fox 11. "She got here so fast and she got that jar off like it was nothing."

Cline and her nephew Charlie Isaac Delarosa spotted the cat and tried to cut it free with a pair of scissors, which ultimately broke on the hard plastic container.

"He told me, 'Look at this silly cat – it's got its head stuck,'" Cline said. "I'm definitely an animal lover, so I wanted to help. I didn't think it was cute. I need to get out and help that cat right away. I did not want the cat to die. I didn't think it could hang on much longer."

Mathewson arrived at the scene and managed to remove the jar using a multi-tool device while Cline and Delarosa helped keep the cat from running off by holding it with a pair of gloves and a blanket.


"I knew the cat seemed to be a flighty type of cat," Mathewson said. "Once I had enough room, I was able to get the container off without hurting the cat. Her eyes were huge. She seemed very scared."

She found the cat had maggots in both ears and took it to San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus for treatment.

Employees nicknamed the cat "Skippy" as a nod to her peanut butter mishap.

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