Oregon library offering 'Adulting 101' classes for Millennials

Ben Hooper

March 1 (UPI) -- An Oregon library is giving confused Millennials a little help figuring out the real world with a series of classes dubbed "Adulting 101."

The North Bend Public Library said each of the monthly "Adulting 101" classes, which are open to all ages but geared specifically toward young people ages 16-25, has a different theme related to learning valuable skills for life as a grown-up.


"On the first class of Adulting 101, we covered basic cooking skills that you can do in your dorm," Assistant Director of Library Services Teresa Lucas told KCBY-TV. "We also talked ways to stretch your dollar in the grocery store and how you can get the most bang for your buck."

"We felt it was important to bring Adulting 101 to the North Bend Public Library to provide more resources for young people on how they can better their lives in our community," Lucas said.

Clara Piazzoli, an Adulting 101 instructor, said she is passing on the skills she learned as a young adult.

"I also lived in a dorm in my first year of college, and I lived in varied apartments, some of which didn't have kitchens and didn't allow you to have kitchen supplies," Piazzoli said, "and so I left home not really knowing how to cook and I ended up getting very inventive and teaching myself a lot of these tips."


The upcoming classes currently on the schedule are:

March 18: Financial Know-how - How to balance a checkbook, set a budget, file your own taxes, and build credit

April 22: Getting a Job - How to write a resume and cover letter, and how to interview

May 20: News and the like - How to find and understand real news on the Internet

June 17: Moving out? - How to live with roommates, find an apartment, and talk to your landlord

July 22: Odds and ends - How to check and refill your oil, use a breaker box, reset an outlet, clean an oven, and anything else you want to know how to do!

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