Construction workers take on dizzying 'Cement Mixer Challenge'

Ben Hooper
A construction worker is about to lose The Cement Mixer Challenge. Screenshot: Newsflare
A construction worker is about to lose "The Cement Mixer Challenge." Screenshot: Newsflare

Feb. 27 (UPI) -- A group of British road construction workers came up with a new way to keep themselves amused -- and somewhat nauseous -- "The Cement Mixer Challenge."

A video recorded by the workmen Tuesday at a road construction site in Sutton Coldfield, England, shows one of the men sit with his rear end inside the small cement mixer, which two of his colleagues then start and hold steady.


The man begins to spin through the air while holding tight to the mixer.

The worker manages to spin around several times before shouting for his laughing coworkers to stop the mixer.

The dizzy worker stumbles away, allowing a second man to take a turn in the mixer. The second rider immediately appears less steady than his predecessor and falls out while upside down after only a few seconds of spinning.

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