Snuggie-clad goats found wandering Idaho neighborhood

By Daniel Uria
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Feb. 24 (UPI) -- A pair of goats dressed in snuggies were found roaming around an Idaho town unattended.

Nampa Police Department shared a photo of an Animal Control Officer holding the two escaped animals, each donning its own blue snuggie, in hopes of tracking down their owner.


"Have you lost your goats? Or your Snuggies? If so, we found them near Lake Lowell and Midland Blvd.," police said.

The goats were taken to West Valley Humane Society where the owners were instructed to pick up their missing animals.

Officers managed to track down the owners within about three hours to reunite them with their sensibly dressed goats.

"Owner of Snuggie wearing goats located!" Nampa Police Department said. "Thanks to our Animal Control Officers for their great work!"

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