Second orange alligator found in the Carolinas, dubbed 'Donny'

By Ben Hooper

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Feb. 23 (UPI) -- South Carolina's orange "Trump-a-gator" is getting a little competition from a similarly-colored alligator dubbed "Donny" by North Carolina residents.

Kelly Jochim posted a photo to Instagram showing the orange alligator she spotted next to a pond in the town of Calabash, N.C.


The alligator's unique orange color earned him the nickname "Donny," a reference to the hue he shares with President Donald Trump.

Trump was also the inspiration behind the naming of the "Trump-a-gator" spotted earlier this month in Hanahan, S.C., about 130 miles from Calabash.

Jay Butfiloski, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources' Alligator Program coordinator, said the Trump-a-gator's coloring might have been the result of his taking shelter from cold weather in a rusty pipe.

"[It] might be iron oxide [rust] that has discolored it," he said. "It may be using a rusty steel culvert pipe."

Butfiloski said the alligator would likely return to its natural greenish color the next time it sheds its skin.

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