Canadian driver followed GPS into streetcar tunnel

By Daniel Uria
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Feb. 23 (UPI) -- A Canadian driver was fined after he said his GPS caused him to drive more than 2,000 feet into a streetcar tunnel.

Brad Ross of the Toronto Transit Commission shared photos of the vehicle, which had to be extracted from 2,624 feet inside Union Station on Thursday morning after the driver left the scene.


"This will take some time to clear. Far more than it took the driver to get to this point, unfortunately," Ross said. "They fled, for the record."

The driver, a 21-year-old male, returned to the car after looking for help and was issued a $425 fine from the TTC for illegal entry, but did not face any charges for the incident.

"The driver of the car seemed to indicate he was simply following his GPS," Ross told the CBC.

Ross said the area is clearly marked but other drivers have managed to unwittingly make their way into the station before.

"There's lots of signage, lots of flashing lights to indicate to motorists that this is a no-go zone," he said.

The streetcar system was disrupted until about 11 a.m., as the car was lifted out of the area by a crane normally used to carry subway rails.


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