Goat at Tennessee sanctuary forms bond of 'love' with UPS driver

By Ben Hooper
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Feb. 15 (UPI) -- A Tennessee shelter for abused animals detailed the unusual friendship that developed between a goat and her favorite human: the UPS delivery driver.

The Gentle Barn, a Knoxville sanctuary for severely abused animals, said the 18-year-old goat, Pearl, is "in love with" the UPS driver.


"When she hears his truck pull in she will drop whatever she is doing to run and see him," the sanctuary said in a Facebook post. "She will wait right outside his truck for him and sometimes even get impatient and climb in. He always brings peanut butter treats for her and gives her lots of love while he is here."

"The UPS man loves Pearl too, and has told us that no matter what kind of day he is having, when he sees Pearl run to greet him everything is better. Sometimes we find love in the most unexpected places!" the post said.

A shelter worker who identified herself as Stephanie said Pearl is allowed to roam free around the premises.

"Pearl roams our 12-acre property freely throughout the week and is always getting into some kind of trouble," Stephanie told


She said Pearl has another love that rivals her affection for the UPS man: sneaking into the kitchen to steal treats.

"She is always around for a great laugh," she said.

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