Mystery 'space capsule' at side of Arizona road identified as art project

By Ben Hooper
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Feb. 8 (UPI) -- Authorities in Arizona said a mysterious "space capsule" at the side of the interstate wasn't abandoned by NASA or aliens -- it was an art project.

The silver capsule sparked numerous rumors this month when it was first spotted in a dirt field at the side of Interstate 10 in Casa Grande and the Arizona Department of Public Safety was eventually called to the scene to investigate the mysterious object.


The department tweeted its findings Monday: "It appears an artist got creative near Casa Grande and turned a cement truck drum into a space capsule! Caused a stir on #I10 this morning."

The artist, Jack Millard, said the drum had been sitting untouched in the field for decades, and he got permission from the owners to transform it into a piece of art.

He posted a video to his Voices Through Art page on Facebook Saturday where he talked about moving the capsule to its new home closer to the highway, so it could be seen by drivers.

Millard posted a photo Monday showing him talking with some police officers who came out to look at the piece.


"As an artist, you know when you're on the right path when those in authority question you for what you're creating. This encounter turned out peaceful and even a few laughs. - Don't give up hope," he wrote.

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