Montana firefighters rescue playful puppy caught in car wheel

Daniel Uria

Feb. 1 (UPI) -- A mischievous puppy was rescued from a bizarre situation when Montana fire crews pried him out of the wheel of his owner's car.

Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department shared photos of Blaze, the curious puppy, who managed to get his head stuck in the tire while his owner wasn't looking.


"The owner left the pup by himself in his yard for just a few hours and came home to find him in this precarious position!" the fire department said.

The local veterinarian was unsure how to extract the puppy from the unusual snare so firefighters arrived to gently pull him to safety.

"With a lot of coconut oil, patience, a lot of ear tucking, and some powerful skin-pulling, Blaze's head was quickly and successfully extricated from the tire wheel without the use of tools but with Firefighter Zach Osborne's brute strength," the department said.

The rescuers said Blaze remained calm throughout the operation and was uninjured apart from some minor neck swelling.

After the speedy rescue, Blaze was free to run around the yard again, while the fire crews hoped he and his owner learned a lesson from the incident.


"Hopefully this was a valuable lesson for young Blaze, and we won't have to respond to any more menacing incidents involving this playful puppy," the fire department said.

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