Googly-eyed robot beats 'I am not a robot' Captcha test

By Daniel Uria  |  Jan. 27, 2017 at 2:40 PM
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Jan. 27 (UPI) -- A mechanical robotic arm managed to circumvent a computer password system meant to deter "robots."

YouTube user Matt Unsworth shared video of the robot, outfitted with a pair of googly eyes, as it used a stylus pen to check an "I am not a robot" Captcha security box.

The tounge-in-cheek video pokes fun at the language used by the security verification system intended to prevent spam or computer automated extraction of data from websites.

The robotic arm slides the stylus up the computer mouse pad before just barely managing to click inside the on-screen check box which proceeded to swirl into a green check mark.

Proud of its success, the robotic arm turns toward the camera and drops the stylus as an animated pair of glasses fall upon its "eyes" alongside the phrase "Deal with it."

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