Golfer charged by roaming cow on Wales golf course

By Daniel Uria
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Jan. 27 (UPI) -- A woman had her day at a golf course in Wales cut short unexpectedly when she was charged by a roaming cow.

The woman, in her 60s, was visiting Pennard golf club in Gower while on vacation from the south of England when the wayward cow knocked her over and left her with bruised ribs, according to Wales Online.


"The woman was enjoying her golf when the cow charged at her and knocked her over. It left her bruised and shaken up," Club manager Huw Morgan said. "But she was lucky, it could have been much more serious."

Other golfers, including the woman's three friends, rushed to help her up after the incident occurred near the seventh hole.

One golfer, Ian Leyshon, said wandering cows are not an uncommon sight at the course, according to the BBC.

"They have had problems with wandering cattle for years and you have always got to keep an eye open for them," he said. "It is a tremendous golf course with lots of hazards - but straying animals shouldn't be one of them."

Gower Member of Parliament Byron Davies has called for measures to keep cattle off the golf course and the Health and Safety Executive are investigating the incident.


"I have been dealing with the problem of roaming cattle in Pennard for many years," Davies said. "It is a difficult situation as commons rights are ancient going back many centuries. They cannot just be extinguished."

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