Goat wanders into Oregon 7-Eleven, helps self to some Skittles

By Ben Hooper
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Jan. 18 (UPI) -- An astonished Oregon woman captured video of a goat that wandered into a 7-Eleven store in the Portland area and started helping itself to some Sour Skittles.

Katelyn Lund posted a photo and video to Facebook showing the goat entering the convenience store Thursday in Tigard and feasting on some Sour Skittles from the candy display.


"If anyone in the Portland area is looking for their goat, she's eating Sour Skittles at the 7-11 on Scholls Ferry," Lund wrote on Facebook.

Lund told The Oregonian the goat was outside when she arrived at the 7-Eleven, "but when I opened the doors she was pretty adamant about going in and went past me."

"And honestly I didn't know how to handle a goat so I just let her," Lund said.

She said no one else in the store seemed to be paying the goat any mind.

"Everyone was hella nonchalant about her, and no one said anything to her," Lund said.

"At that point I'm thinking, 'Dude, does no one realize that there's a real life goat in here? And where's your mom?'" she said. "It turns out the guy checking out right next to me was her owner, which I found out a couple days later when I went in again."


Lund said the goat, which she later learned was named Daisy, had quite the sweet tooth.

"You should know she's not just about the Skittles," Lund said. "Ol' girl was pulling down all types of candy.

Lund told Patch that Daisy "was working on a Snickers" when she left the store.

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