California driver places plastic zip ties on tires instead of snow chains

By Daniel Uria
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TRUCKEE, Calif., Dec. 27 (UPI) -- A driver in California baffled local police by fitting his tires with plastic zip ties to combat the snowy conditions.

California Highway Patrol shared a photo of the unusual placement for traditional snow chains, which officers spotted at a chain control stop in Truckee.


"Can officially say we have never seen this before," police said. "Seriously don't be this guy! Zip ties!"

Some commenters argued that the zip ties in the photo were a special variety that include grips to emulate the effect of snow chains, but police clarified that plastic ties are not legal in California.

"Not for driving on the highway," police said. "We have never seen anyone try and go through chain control with these before."

Police also included a list of chain control locations and encouraged residents to drive safely in the snowy weather.

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