KFC Japan offers plastic 'finger naps' to protect from chicken grease

By Daniel Uria
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TOKYO, Dec. 16 (UPI) -- KFC Japan has created an innovative device to protect its customers fingers from grease while eating their fried chicken.

The company announced plans to provide customers with plastic gloves known as "finger naps" that cover the index finger and thumb while holding a piece of chicken.


"'Finger nap' is a Japanese KFC recommended finger glove that was devised so that fingers do not become dirty when eating KFC chicken," the company said.

KFC Japan said the plastic gloves are ideal for customers who plan to eat chicken while using a smartphone or computer and don't want to get their devices greasy.

Beginning Dec. 15 finger naps will be available at 222 KFC stores across Japan and will eventually come to more stores in the future.

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